October 04, 2013

The Jekyll has landed

So, I am going to try giving blogging a more serious go. I guess this is effectively my "Hellow World" post. I have done some work-blogging before at TIM Group, but this will be the first time that I have done so largely unaffiliated.

Here is my pre-requisite shout out to the awesome tools that are making this happen: * My blog tool of choice is Jekyll. It is a nice simple, text-based way to create a blog. It's a tool that definitely gets out of your way, and I appreciate that. * In case it isn't otherwise obvious, I am hosting this through Github. Their jekyll-hosting facilities are about as simple to use as Jekyll itself. * This theme is derived from the Lagom theme. Lagom was a great start, and I will likely continue to tweak it bit-by-bit as I get more comfortable with it all.

Altogether, I am excited to start putting some thoughts to keyboard, and logging my technical travels.