December 08, 2013

trick-knee-0.1: A storm's a comin'

I have this mental image...

An old man is sitting on a porch to his log cabin, gently rocking back and forth in his chair just enjoying the idyllic view. His porch overlooks a peaceful meadow surrounded by a pine forest. The old man is watch a family of deer grazing in the long grass and wildflowers of the meadow. The haze of the late summer afternoon brings back memories of summers gone by. The afternoon is just perfect.

Out of the blue, the old man feels a twinge in his trick knee. He looks up and knows. He turns to no one in particular and whispers, "A storm is comin'..."

The old man then pulls out his laptop and sees that his site is down. The twinge was right. He has some work ahead of him....

Well, maybe I have an active imagination, but the goal for this tool is still the same. There are many times when I am not paying attention to my projects current status, and something needs to grab my attention. Until bionics reach the point that I can make a real trick-knee, I will code a simple solution for it.

The idea with this Trick-Knee project is a central bit of code that checks the API's across the services that I use like Travis CI, New Relic, etc. It then can be integrated into places where I am, like the commandline of that project. I want this check to get in the way enough to know that there is a problem and acknowledge it, but not so much that I have to look at it constantly like a build monitor. My goal is a little more like a conscience extension.

We will see how it evolves, but for now, I will dogfood it as I work on the resonance project. I will continue to tweak it for my needs on that project. Next up? Likely SBT integration, as I am usually in the middle of SBT when I am working on that project.